8200-1300 WOODWARD 蒸汽透平机提供数字控制

伍德沃德的8200-1300为蒸汽透平机提供数字控制。它是505涡轮机控制系列中几种可用的数字调速器之一。该设备使用符合标准的LVDC (18-32 VDC)电源。



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技术说明:8200-1300 WOODWARD 蒸汽透平机提供数字控制


特征 34把钥匙
输入电压 符合LVDC(18–32伏直流电)标准
制造商 伍德沃德
工作温度 –30°C至+70°C(带显示器)
屏幕大小 8.4英寸
标准 IP20,污染等级2,过电压类别3
储存温度 –30癈至+70癈(推荐温度范围为0癈至40癈)


伍德沃德的8200-1300为蒸汽透平机提供数字控制。它是505涡轮机控制系列中几种可用的数字调速器之一。该设备使用符合标准的LVDC (18-32 VDC)电源。


8200-1300可以控制单或双分程致动器汽轮机。它可以配置为工厂DCS(分布式控制系统)的一部分,也可以作为独立单元使用。它设计有五个PID控制器,包括速度/负载PID控制器、串级PID控制器以及AUX1和AUX2 PID控制器。该装置提供一个带有图形控制面板显示器和键盘的操作员控制面板。该面板包括一个紧急停止按钮、开始、停止、esc和主页按钮、一个数字键盘、向上/向下切换按钮以及一个带有向上/向下和向左/向右按钮的回车键。面板左侧还有四个led,包括CPU健康、IO锁定、汇总警报和汇总跳闸。




8200-1300 Technical Specifications

Features 34 Keys
Input Voltage LVDC (18–32 Vdc) Standard Compliance
Manufacturer Woodward
Operating Temperature –30 °C to +70 °C (with display)
Screen Size 8.4 inches
Standards IP20, Pollution Degree2, Overvoltage Category 3
Storage Temperature –30 °C to +70 °C (recommended 0 °C to 40 °C)

Product Description

The 8200-1300 from Woodward offers digital control for steam turbines. It is one of several digital governors available in the 505 turbine control series. This unit uses LVDC (18-32 VDC) power with standard compliance.

This unit can be used in non-hazardous locations.  It is also suitable for Class I, Div. 2, Groups A/B/C/D locations. This unit is typically installed with stranded copper field-wiring rated at least 75 degrees celsius.

The 8200-1300 can control single or dual split range actuator steam turbines. It can be configured as part of a plant’s DCS (distributed control system) or it can be used as a stand-alone unit. It is designed with five PID controllers, including a speed/load PID controller, a cascade PID controller, and  AUX1 and AUX2 PID controllers. The unit offers an operator control panel with a graphical control panel display and keypad included. This panel includes an emergency stop button, start, stop, esc, and home buttons, a number keypad, and toggle up/down buttons as well as an enter key with up/down and left/right buttons. The panel also has four LEDs on its left side, including CPU health, IO Lock, Summary Alarm, and Summary Trip.

Internally, the 8200-1300 includes a watchdog timer and a CPU fault circuit to monitor the operation of the microprocessor and its memory.  

For additional information regarding the 8200-1300, please refer to documentation from Woodward.

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