8200-1301 WOODWARD 伍德沃德505数字调速器

8200-1301是伍德沃德505数字调速器,设计用于分程或单执行器。这是该系列中三个版本之一,另外两个是8200-1300和8200-1302。8200-1301主要用于交流/DC (88至264伏交流电或90至150伏DC)普通场所合规电源。它是现场可编程的,使用菜单驱动软件来控制机械驱动应用和/或发电机。


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技术说明:8200-1301 WOODWARD 伍德沃德505数字调速器


外壳类型 正确安装时,IP20
特征 过压3
输入功率(交流最大值) < 73 W, 1.6 A max
输入功率(DC最大值) < 73 W, 0.8 A max
制造商 伍德沃德透平控制器
工作温度 –30摄氏度至+70摄氏度
解决 800 x 600像素
屏幕大小 8.5英寸
储存温度 –30摄氏度至+70摄氏度


8200-1301是伍德沃德505数字调速器,设计用于分程或单执行器。这是该系列中三个版本之一,另外两个是8200-1300和8200-1302。8200-1301主要用于交流/DC (88至264伏交流电或90至150伏DC)普通场所合规电源。它是现场可编程的,使用菜单驱动软件来控制机械驱动应用和/或发电机。该调速器可配置为DCS(分布式控制系统)的一部分,也可设计为独立装置。




8200-1301 Technical Specifications

Enclosure Type IP20 when installed correctly
Features Overvoltage 3
Input Power (AC max) < 73 W, 1.6 A max
Input Power (DC max) < 73 W, 0.8 A max
Manufacturer Woodward Turbine Controllers
Operating Temperature –30 °C to +70 °C
Resolution 800 x 600 pixels
Screen Size 8.5 inches
Storage Temperature –30 °C to +70 °C

Product Description

The 8200-1301 is a Woodward 505 Digital Governor designed to be used with split range or single actuators. This is one of three versions available in this series, the other two being the 8200-1300 and the 8200-1302. The 8200-1301 is primarily used for AC/DC (88 to 264 V AC or 90 to 150 V DC) ordinary location compliance power. It is field programmable and uses menu-driven software for the control of mechanical drive applications and/or generators. This governor can be configured as part of a DCS (distributed control system) or it can be designed as a standalone unit.

The 8200-1301 has several different normal operating modes. This includes a configuration mode, a run mode, and a service mode. The configuration mode will force hardware into the I/O lock and put all outputs into a state of being inactive. Configuration mode is typically only used during the original configuration of equipment. Run mode allows for normal operations from start-up to shut down. Service mode allows for calibration and adjustments either when the unit is shut down or during normal operation.

The front panel of the 8200-1301 is designed to offer multiple levels of access to allow for tuning, operating, calibration, and configuration of the turbine. All turbine control functions can be performed from the front panel. It includes logic algorithms to control, stop, start, and protect the turbine using a number of input buttons.

For additional information regarding the 8200-1301, please refer to the original documentation from Woodward. Most of our in-stock products are available for shipment immediately.

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