8237-259  WOODWARD ProTech-GII隔板 可以配备任何尺寸的涡轮机



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技术说明:8237-259  WOODWARD ProTech-GII隔板 可以配备任何尺寸的涡轮机


规模 英寸高13 x宽19.1 x D6
外壳类型 IP56(根据IEC 60529)
特征 3个独立的内部模块
高压输入 每个模块30瓦时100–150伏直流电
键盘/显示器 (3) 4.2英寸显示屏
低输入电压 每个模块30瓦时为18–32伏直流电
工作温度 –4至+140华氏度
储存温度 –4至+158华氏度
重量 26磅12盎司




  • 这是普罗泰克-GII系列的一部分。
  • 4至20毫安的速度读数。
  • 微处理器和加速度检测。
  • 由于保形涂层,可抵抗硫污染。
  • 可用于3C2级环境。
  • 易于集成到任何尺寸的涡轮机中。



8237-1597 Technical Specifications

Dimensions Inches H13 x W19.1 x D6
Enclosure Type IP56 (per IEC 60529)
Features 3 separate internal modules
High Voltage Input 100–150 Vdc @ 30 W per module
Keypad/Display (3) 4.2 inch displays
Low Input Voltage 18–32 Vdc @ 30 W per module
Operating Temperature –4 to +140 °F
Storage Temperature –4 to +158 °F
Weight 26 lbs 12 oz

Product Description

Product 8237-1597 can be equipped with any size turbine and will work to safely shut it down in the event of unsafe acceleration. The bulkhead mount works with steam, gas, and hydro-powered turbines and has three independent relays. It also uses two out of three voted architecture, as well as high and low voltage power input.

Additional specifics about model 8237-1597 include;

  • It is part of the Protech-GII series.
  • Speed readouts of 4 to 20 mA.
  • MPU and acceleration detection.
  • Resistant to sulfur contamination thanks to a conformal coating.
  • Can be used in class 3C2 environments.
  • Easy integration into any size turbine.

Model 8237-1597 is configured with online repair options, making it possible to work on one module while the entire system is still in operation. The backplane structure also makes it easy to work on this device. This Woodward safety device can also perform routine checks to make sure each module is functioning properly. This is done with an internal generator and frequency, and the results of these tests can be stored.

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