85UVF1A-1QD FIREYE 带有内部继电器的 一体化火焰检测器

Fireye 生产的 Phoenix系列 2 类型 85UVF/IRF 火焰检测器是应用了固态火焰检测传感器的微处理器设备。它设有一个可以自动设定 ON/OFF (有火/无火)门槛值的内部继电器,因此可以取消远程放大器或者火焰开关。
Phoenix 火检探头检测目标火焰产生的调制振幅(即火焰闪烁特性),以检测宽广的频率。


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技术说明:85UVF1A-1QD FIREYE 带有内部继电器的 一体化火焰检测器

Fireye 生产的 Phoenix系列 2 类型 85UVF/IRF 火焰检测器是应用了固态火焰检测传感器的微处理器设备。它设有一个可以自动设定 ON/OFF (有火/无火)门槛值的内部继电器,因此可以取消远程放大器或者火焰开关。
Phoenix 火检探头检测目标火焰产生的调制振幅(即火焰闪烁特性),以检测宽广的频率。在探头的设定程序中,目标火焰的振幅将会与最佳的 ON/OFF 值一起被自动储存。相应适合的传感器增益也将被自动选取。探头兼有全部自诊断和电子自检功能。
Phoenix 85UVF/IRF 因为检测元件和适用危险区不同级别的认证不同而分成多种型号。请参看第 3页上 Table 1 总览表格和产品认证。
Phoenix 85UVF/IRF 火焰探头需 24Vdc 供电,通过 8 针电气快拆接头与电缆连接(QD 型号)。还有标准 4-20mA 火焰强度信号输出。

Fireye Phoenix 85UVF 自检探头可检测 295-340nm波长的紫外线。Phoenix 85UVF1A-1QDK3 和85UVF1A-1CEX-K3火检探头是标准的 Phoenix产品的衍生,使用先进的光学滤镜。该滤镜调节了光学灵敏度,可探测 310nm到 500nm波长的可见光。
典型应用: 烟道补燃器、工业燃气燃烧器、炼油设备、低 NOx 燃烧器、废气处理装置以及焚烧炉。K3 系列火检探头特别适合检测钢铁厂的可见光射线,例如高炉煤气和焦炉煤气的燃烧。Fireye Phoenix 85IRF 自检探头可检测 830-1100nm 波长的红外线。适用于烟道补燃器、工业燃气燃烧器、炼油设备的点火系统、低 NOx 的检测系统,以及连续运行和非连续运行的燃烧器。
典型应用: 烟道补燃器、工业燃油燃烧器,炼油设备,废油回收装置和焚烧炉。注意: 因本系列探头都配有固态传感器,所以针对多种燃料火焰都有很好的性能。例如 UV 型的应用在气体火焰工况下,但也可以用于油火焰包括重油火焰。当然,为求得 100%满意的效果还需经过试验才可。


Fireye’s Phoenix Series 2 Type 85UVF/IRF flame detector is a microprocessor device with a solid-state flame detection sensor. It has an internal relay that automatically sets the ON/OFF (fire/no fire) threshold, so remote amplifiers or flame switches can be cancelled.
The Phoenix fire detector detects the modulated amplitude (i.e. flame flicker characteristics) generated by the target flame to detect a wide range of frequencies. The amplitude of the target flame is automatically stored along with the optimal ON/OFF value during the probe setup program. The appropriate sensor gain will also be selected automatically. The probe has full self-diagnostic and electronic self-test functions.
The Phoenix 85UVF/IRF is divided into different models due to different levels of certification for detection components and applicable hazard areas. Please refer to Table 1 on page 3 for an overview of the table and product certification.
The Phoenix 85UVF/IRF flame probe requires 24Vdc power and is connected to a cable via an 8-pin electrical quick-release connector (QD model). There is also a standard 4-20mA flame intensity signal output.

The Fireye Phoenix 85UVF self-test probe detects UV at wavelengths from 295-340nm. The Phoenix 85UVF1A-1QDK3 and 85UVF1A-1CEX-K3 fire detectors are derivatives of the standard Phoenix products and use advanced optical filters. The filter adjusts the optical sensitivity to detect visible light at wavelengths from 310nm to 500nm.
Typical applications: flue burners, industrial gas burners, oil refining equipment, low NOx burners, waste gas treatment units, and incinerators. The K3 series probes are particularly suitable for detecting visible light rays in steel plants, such as the combustion of blast furnace gas and coke oven gas. The Fireye Phoenix 85IRF self-test probe detects infrared light at 830-1100nm wavelengths. Suitable for flue burners, industrial gas burners, oil refining equipment ignition systems, low NOx detection systems, as well as continuous and non-continuous operation of burners.
Typical applications: flue burners, industrial fuel burners, oil refining equipment, waste oil recovery units and incinerators. Note: Because this series of probes are equipped with solid state sensors, they have good performance against a variety of fuel flames. For example, the UV type is used in gas flame conditions, but it can also be used for oil flames, including heavy oil flames. Of course, in order to obtain 100% satisfactory results still need to be tested.

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