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A413331 SPU 35a安培(ampere)是国际单位制中表示电流的基本单位,简称安,符号A。为纪念法国物理学家A.安培而命名,他在1820年提出了著名的安培定律。1881年,在巴黎召开的第一届国际电学会议决定用安培命名电流单位。


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A413331 SPU 35a安培(ampere)是国际单位制中表示电流的基本单位,简称安,符号A。为纪念法国物理学家A.安培而命名,他在1820年提出了著名的安培定律。1881年,在巴黎召开的第一届国际电学会议决定用安培命名电流单位。 [9]  1908年在伦敦举行的国际电学大会上,定义1秒时间间隔内从硝酸银溶液中能电解出1.11800.02毫克银的恒定电流为1安培,又称国际安培。1946年,国际计量委员会(CIPM)提出定义为:在真空中,截面积可忽略的两根相距1米的平行而无限长的圆直导线内,通以等量恒定电流,导线间相互作用力在1米长度上为2×10-7牛时,则每根导线中的电流为1安培,又称绝对安培。该定义经1948年第9届国际计量大会(CGPM)通过 [1]  。

A413331 SPU 35a真空中相距1米的两根无限长且圆截面可忽略的平行直导线内通过一恒定电流,当两导线每米长度之间产生的力等于2×10-7牛顿时,则规定导线中通过的电流为一安培。这个单位是在1946年国际计量委员会上得到批准,1960年第十一届国际计量大会上被正式采用为国际单位制的基本单位之一 [4]  。实际上,定义中的两根“无限长”导线是无法实现的,根据电动力学原理,可以用作用力相似等效的两个线圈替代。1960年10月第11届国际计量大会决定采用安培为电学量的基本单位,并作为国际单位制的基本单位。1国际安培=0.99985绝对安培 [1]  。

A413331 SPU 35a2018年11月16日,国际计量大会通过决议,1安培定义为“1s内通过导体某一横截面的1/1.602176634×10^19个电荷移动 [3]  所产生的电流强度”


A413331 SPU 35a Amperes (ampere) is the basic unit of current in the International System of Units, abbreviated as amperes, symbol A. It is named in honor of the French physicist A. Ampere, who formulated the famous Ampere’s Law in 1820. In 1881, the first International Electrical Conference held in Paris decided to name the unit of current after the ampere. [9] At the International Electrical Congress held in London in 1908, it was defined that the constant current of electrolytic 1.11800.02 mg of silver from silver nitrate solution in a time interval of 1 second was 1 amp, also known as the international ampere. In 1946, the International Committee of Measurements (CIPM) proposed the definition as: in a vacuum, the cross-section area of two parallel and infinite long round straight wires 1 meter apart, through the same constant current, the interaction force between the wires in 1 meter length is 2×10-7 N, the current in each wire is 1 amp, also known as absolute ampere. This definition was adopted by the 9th International Conference on Metrology (CGPM) in 1948 [1].

A413331 SPU 35a A constant current is passed through two parallel straight wires of infinite length and negligible circular cross-section 1 meter apart in a vacuum. When the force generated between the two wires per meter length is equal to 2×10-7 Newtons, the current passed through the wire is specified as one ampere. This unit was approved by the International Commission on Measurement in 1946, and was officially adopted as one of the basic units of the International System of Units at the Eleventh International Congress of Measurement in 1960. [4] In fact, the two “infinite” wires in the definition cannot be achieved, and according to the principle of electrodynamics, they can be replaced by two coils with similar and equivalent forces. In October 1960, the 11th International Metrology Conference decided to adopt the ampere as the basic unit of electrical quantity and as the basic unit of the International System of Units. 1 International ampere =0.99985 absolute ampere [1].
A413331 SPU 35AOn 16 November 2018, the International Conference on Metrography adopted a resolution defining 1 amp as “the intensity of the current generated by 1/1.602176634×10^19 charges [3] moving through a cross section of a conductor within 1s”.

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