IS200AEPAH1A   GE为Mark VI系列制造的PCB元件

IS200AEPAH1A是GE为Mark VI系列制造的PCB元件。该系列是通用电气公司在20世纪60年代创建的用于蒸汽/燃气轮机控制的Speedtronic系列的一部分,此后以各种形式发布。Speedtronic系统以其可靠性和适应性而闻名。


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技术说明:IS200AEPAH1A   GE为Mark VI系列制造的PCB元件


IS200AEPAH1A是GE为Mark VI系列制造的PCB元件。该系列是通用电气公司在20世纪60年代创建的用于蒸汽/燃气轮机控制的Speedtronic系列的一部分,此后以各种形式发布。Speedtronic系统以其可靠性和适应性而闻名。MKVI设计用于为涡轮机系统提供完整的控制、保护和监控。它可以用于各种应用中。





Product Description

The IS200AEPAH1A is a PCB component manufactured by GE for the Mark VI series.  This series is part of the Speedtronic line for steam/gas turbine control created by General Electric in the 1960s and released in various forms since then. Speedtronic systems are known for their reliability and adaptability. The MKVI has been designed to offer complete control, protection, and monitoring to turbine systems.  It can be used in a variety of applications.

The  IS200AEPAH1A is built with an optional auxiliary board.  The optional board attaches to the IS200AEPAH1A by screws inserted into standoffs.  It communicates with the main board via connections to two male pin connectors in the upper left corner.   This board is populated with multiple integrated circuits, two female phone plugs, a three-pin female connector, and two light emitting diodes. These LEDs are located along the left edge of the board.

The  IS200AEPAH1A has twelve relays.  It is built with six metal oxide varistors. These are placed in a single line. Varistors are variable resistors with resistance dependant on the applied voltage.  The board has seventeen female-pin vertical connectors located along the edges of the board. These connectors vary from two pins up to twenty pins.  The board has several large factory-made holes in its surface. Some of these holes are plated. The board includes integrated circuits, resistors, transistors, and capacitors.  A single c-shaped metal housing is placed on the board. This is marked HW1.

Refer to manuals or data sheets for installation guidelines.  Our team will use antistatic material to protect the IS200AEPAH1A during shipment.  We recommend the use of a grounding strap during unboxing and installation.

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