IS210AEBIH1BAB  模拟处理器模块 Mark VI或Mark VIe系统的一个组件

IS210BAPAH1A用作模拟处理器模块。它是Mark VI或Mark VIe系统的一个组件。这两个系统都来自通用电气,设计用于管理蒸汽或燃气轮机。Mark VI采用中央控制设计,系统的核心是一个带有13或21插槽VME卡架的中央控制模块。


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技术说明:IS210AEBIH1BAB  模拟处理器模块 Mark VI或Mark VIe系统的一个组件


IS210BAPAH1A用作模拟处理器模块。它是Mark VI或Mark VIe系统的一个组件。这两个系统都来自通用电气,设计用于管理蒸汽或燃气轮机。Mark VI采用中央控制设计,系统的核心是一个带有13或21插槽VME卡架的中央控制模块。该平台可用于电源岛的集成和工厂控制的平衡。相反,Mark VIe是一个分布式控制系统,控制处理通过节点分布在整个系统中。这些节点然后保持在中央调度程序的控制下。


IS210BAPAH1A的配置和诊断可通过ToolboxST应用程序运行。声学监测组件可以计算频率范围为0至5000 Hz的时域采样数据的宽带均方根(RMS)能量。它也可以取均方根扫描平均值和峰峰值扫描平均值。有关包装、其安装和功能以及操作指南的更多信息,可通过制造商出版物(用户指南/手册/数据表)找到。)


Product Description

The IS210BAPAH1A functions as an Analog Processor module. It is a component for the Mark VI or the Mark VIe systems.  Both of these systems are from GE and have been designed to manage steam or gas turbines. The Mark VI is designed with central control, with the heart of the system being a Central Control Module with 13- or 21-slot VME card racks.  This platform can be used for the integration of power island and balance of plant controls. Conversely, the Mark VIe is a distributed control system with control processing spread throughout the system via nodes. These nodes are then kept under the control of a central scheduler.

Along with a SAMB terminal board, the  IS210BAPAH1A makes up an Acoustic Monitoring Input pack. This pack supports dynamics for frame 6/7/9 gas turbines.  The IS210BAPAH1A is built into a narrow black housing with openings at both the top and bottom to allow for air flow.  The rear surface includes top and bottom flanges with mounting holes cut in their surface. The front faceplate has a single jack connector and two sets of LED indicators.

Configuration and diagnostics for the IS210BAPAH1A can be run through the ToolboxST application.   The acoustic monitoring pack can calculate the broadband root-mean-square (RMS) energy of the time-domain sampled data in a frequency range of 0 to 5000 Hz.  It can also take an RMS scan average and a peak-to-peak scan average. More information about the pack, its installation, and function, as well as handling guidelines, may be found through manufacturer publications (user guides/manuals/datasheets.)

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