IS220PPROH1A GE Mark VI 涡轮机专用I/O模块



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技术说明:IS220PPROH1A GE Mark VI 涡轮机专用I/O模块




  1. 正确安装和配置模块,确保其与现场设备正确连接。
  2. 根据实际需求进行编程和控制,以满足系统的要求。
  3. 定期检查和维护模块,确保其正常运行和工作。
  4. 在操作过程中,需要注意安全,遵守相关规定和操作流程。



The IS220PPROH1A turbine dedicated I/O module is a module that provides a direct interface to the turbine field equipment. This module is designed to eliminate or reduce the large number of instruments previously required to connect field equipment, thereby increasing operational reliability and reducing long-term maintenance.

The IS220PPROH1A turbine dedicated I/O module is usually used in conjunction with the TREAH_A terminal board for emergency trip applications in aero-modified turbines. This module has functions such as voltage detection, which can ensure the safe operation of the equipment. In addition, the turbine dedicated I/O module also has the characteristics of high precision, real-time, programmable and easy maintenance, which can meet the needs of different systems.

IS220PPROH1A When using turbine-specific I/O modules, the following points need to be noted:

Properly install and configure modules to ensure they are properly connected to field equipment.
According to the actual needs of programming and control to meet the requirements of the system.
Check and maintain the module regularly to ensure its normal operation and working.
During operation, pay attention to safety and comply with relevant regulations and operation procedures.

In short, the turbine special I/O module is an electronic component that provides a direct interface for the turbine field equipment. It has the characteristics of high precision, real-time, programmability and easy maintenance, which can improve the operation reliability and long-term maintenance performance of the equipment.

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