IS220PTURH1A GE PTUR涡轮专用主跳闸模块

PTUR涡轮专用主跳闸模块是一种用于燃气/蒸汽轮机管理的最终Speedtronic系统之一的组件。它是GE为其Mark VI系统开发的组件,是一种一次汽轮机专用一次跳闸组件。该组件在汽轮机控制端子板上连接所有的跳闸传感器和设备,并且实现系统停机。


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技术说明:IS220PPROH1A GE Mark VI 涡轮机专用I/O模块

IS220PTURH1A PTUR涡轮专用主跳闸模块是一种用于燃气/蒸汽轮机管理的最终Speedtronic系统之一的组件。它是GE为其Mark VI系统开发的组件,是一种一次汽轮机专用一次跳闸组件。该组件在汽轮机控制端子板上连接所有的跳闸传感器和设备,并且实现系统停机。

IS220PTURH1A PTUR涡轮专用主跳闸模块的功能主要包括:

  1. 监视和控制燃气/蒸汽轮机的运行状态。
  2. 接收并处理来自各种传感器的信号,包括跳闸传感器和设备。
  3. 在检测到异常信号时,触发跳闸动作,实现系统停机。
  4. 可以配置为自动或手动复位。
  5. 提供LED指示和红外端口用于状态监控和配置。
  6. 允许自动重新配置,包括基本加载、引导加载、固件和参数等。

IS220PTURH1A是GE为其Mark VI系统开发的组件。Mark VI是GE发布的用于燃气/蒸汽轮机管理的最终Speedtronic系统之一。

IS220PTURH1A是一次汽轮机专用一次跳闸组件。该组件在汽轮机控制端子板和一个或两个以太网之间提供电气接口。该组件的输出通过连接到相关端子板的DC 62针连接器实现。




The IS220PTURH1A PTUR Turbine Dedicated Main Trip module is a component of one of the ultimate Speedtronic systems for gas/steam turbine management. It is a component developed by GE for its Mark VI system and is a single-trip component for single-trip steam turbines. This component connects all trip sensors and devices on the turbine control terminal board and enables system shutdown.

IS220PTURH1A PTUR turbine dedicated main trip module functions mainly include:

Monitor and control the operating status of gas/steam turbines.
Receive and process signals from a variety of sensors, including trip sensors and devices.
When the abnormal signal is detected, the tripping action is triggered to realize the system shutdown.
It can be configured to reset automatically or manually.
Provides LED indication and infrared port for condition monitoring and configuration.
Allows automatic reconfiguration, including base load, boot load, firmware, and parameters.

The IS220PTURH1A is a component developed by GE for its Mark VI system. The Mark VI is one of the final Speedtronic systems released by GE for gas/steam turbine management.

IS220PTURH1A is a single-trip assembly for a steam turbine. This component provides an electrical interface between the turbine control terminal board and one or two Ethernet cables. The output of this component is achieved through a DC 62-pin connector connected to the associated terminal board.

The IS220PTURH1A comes in a black housing with an air outlet. The front of this case has multiple LED indicators, as well as an IR(infrared port). This port is not used in this package. Inside this enclosure, there is a processor board, a second board dedicated to turbine control, and an analog acquisition auxiliary board. The battery string is installed on the TTURH1C terminal board. The processor board has two 10/100 Ethernet ports, flash memory and RAM, a read-only chip for identification, an internal temperature sensor, and a reset circuit.

The IS220PTURH1A allows automatic reconfiguration and automatically downloads I/O packages from the controller. Reconfiguration includes base load, boot load, firmware, and parameters. To do this, you must enable automatic reconfiguration. This can be enabled or disabled in the toolbox ST application through the Component editor.

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