PXIE-8822 NI 嵌入式控制器专为PXI系统设计

PXIe-8822国家文书是一款强大可靠的基于英特尔酷睿i3的嵌入式控制器专为PXI系统设计。该控制器提供了一个基于PC的紧凑型便携式平台,非常适合各种工业控制、数据采集、测试和测量应用。这PXIe-8822控制器拥有英特尔酷睿i3-11100 he CPU和8 MB智能高速缓存。



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技术说明:PXIE-8822 NI 嵌入式控制器专为PXI系统设计

PXIe-8822国家文书是一款强大可靠的基于英特尔酷睿i3的嵌入式控制器专为PXI系统设计。该控制器提供了一个基于PC的紧凑型便携式平台,非常适合各种工业控制、数据采集、测试和测量应用。这PXIe-8822控制器拥有英特尔酷睿i3-11100 he CPU和8 MB智能高速缓存。该控制器配有一个10/100/1000/2500 BASE-T千兆以太网端口,PCI Express链接速度为2.5 GT/s。两个高速USB端口和USB 3.0端口使其可以轻松连接到各种设备和系统。

PXIe-8822是的一部分国家仪器公司PXI控制器系列,为PXI、PXI高速和CompactPCI系统提供卓越的性能和灵活性。控制器有多个部件号,根据使用的操作系统而有所不同。这些零件号是:787881-00(没有OS),787881-01(Windows 10 64位), 787881-0118 (Windows 10 64位,中国),787881-33 (LabVIEW RT)。

就其物理设计而言PXIe-8822紧凑且易于使用。它具有两个前面板led,提供有关控制器状态的重要信息。驱动器LED指示何时可以访问内部驱动器,而电源正常/故障LED显示控制器的整体状态。该LED可以指示各种状态,包括开机、睡眠模式、关机等。此外,还有两个用户指示灯(USER1和USER2 ),可以根据您的LabVIEW应用的具体需求进行定制。

的突出特点之一是PXIe-8822是采用英特尔高清显卡的DisplayPort 1.4视频。这使您可以轻松地将控制器连接到高分辨率显示器,非常适合需要视觉输出的应用。



The PXIe-8822 from National Instruments is a powerful and reliable Intel Core i3-based embedded controller designed for PXI systems. This controller provides a compact and portable PC-based platform that is ideal for a wide range of industrial control, data acquisition, and test and measurement applications. The PXIe-8822 controller boasts a CPU of Intel Core i3-11100HE as well as 8 MB of smart cache. The controller is equipped with a 10/100/1000/2500 BASE‑T Gigabit Ethernet port and has a PCI Express Link speed of 2.5 GT/s. Two Hi-Speed USB ports and USB 3.0 ports, make it easy to connect to a wide variety of devices and systems.

The PXIe-8822 is part of the National Instruments PXI Controllers family, which offers exceptional performance and flexibility for PXI, PXI Express, and CompactPCI systems. The controller is available in multiple part numbers, which differ based on the OS used. These part numbers are: 787881-00 (no OS), 787881-01 (Windows 10 64-Bit), 787881-0118 (Windows 10 64-Bit, China), 787881-33 (LabVIEW RT).

In terms of its physical design, the PXIe-8822 is compact and easy to use. It features two front panel LEDs that provide important information about the controller’s status. The DRIVE LED indicates when there is access to the internal drive, while the PWR OK/FAULT LED shows the controller’s overall status. This LED can indicate various states, including power on, sleep mode, power off, and more. Additionally, there are two user LEDs (USER1 and USER2) that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your LabVIEW application.

One of the standout features of the PXIe-8822 is its DisplayPort 1.4 Video with Intel HD Graphics. This allows you to easily connect your controller to a high-resolution display, making it perfect for applications that require visual output.

Finally, the PXIe-8822 comes with a range of external connectors, bus interfaces, and functions that make it a versatile and reliable choice for a wide variety of applications. Whether you need to connect to a specific device or integrate the controller into a larger system, the PXIe-8822 is designed to provide exceptional performance and flexibility.

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