8913-PS-AC 用于FB-8800安全逻辑求解器

专为FireBus FB-8000过程控制系统和FB-8800安全系统设计,8913-PS-AC和8914-PS-AC是din导轨安装系统和现场电源系列的成员。
电源是一次控制的AC-DC和DC-DC反激变换器,开关频率恒定为130 kHz。将线路输入电压单步转换为低输出电压,并进行功率因数校正,从而获得极高的效率。


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详情介绍:8913-PS-AC 用于FB-8800安全逻辑求解器

专为FireBus FB-8000过程控制系统和FB-8800安全系统设计,8913-PS-AC和8914-PS-AC是din导轨安装系统和现场电源系列的成员。
电源是一次控制的AC-DC和DC-DC反激变换器,开关频率恒定为130 kHz。将线路输入电压单步转换为低输出电压,并进行功率因数校正,从而获得极高的效率。
8913-PS-AC和8914-PS-AC电源符合IEC/EN60950的I类设备,也符合EN61010-1和EN 50178标准,并根据这些标准进行设计:
•输入和外壳之间的基本绝缘,基于250 VAC/350 VDC
•输入和输出之间的双重绝缘,基于250vac / 350v DC
•将输入连接到最大暂态额定值为2500v的初级电路(110V初级电路的II级过电压,230 V初级电路的II级过电压)。

•认证用于SIL 2应用(IEC 61508)


Designed for use with FireBus FB-8000 Process Control Systems and FB-8800 Safety Systems the 8913-PS-AC and the 8914-PS-AC are members of a family of DIN-rail mountable system and field power supplies.
The power supplies are primary controlled AC-DC and DC-DC flyback converters with a constant switching frequency of 130 kHz. The single step conversion of the line input voltage to a low output voltage and the power factor correction, results in an extremely high efficiency.
These power supplies have been designed to the latest industry requirements and standards and are ideal for use in demanding applications such as Fire & Gas Safety equipment in harsh environments, including in Zone 2 and Division 2 hazardous areas.
Safety Standards
The 8913-PS-AC and 8914-PS-AC power supplies correspond to class I equipment according to IEC/EN60950 They also comply with EN61010-1 and EN 50178 standards and have been designed in accordance with these standards for:
• Building in on DIN-Rails or on a wall/panel
• Basic insulation between input and case, based on 250 VAC/350 VDC
• Double insulation between input and output, based on 250 VAC/350 V DC
• Operational insulation between the outputs
• The use in a pollution degree 2 environment (ACinput).
• Connecting the input to a primary circuit with a maximum transient rating of 2500 V (overvoltage class II based on a 110V primary circuit, overvoltage class II based on a 230 V primary circuit).

A rugged snap-fit device allows easy and reliable fixing onto various types of 35 mm DIN rail. A heavy duty DIN rail mounting kit is available for larger amplitude vibration environments (8413-FN-DN).
A pair of mounting brackets are also available for screw fixing the unit to a flat panel (8414-FK-SU). The units have pluggable screw terminals providing easy access from the front panel.
Key Features
• Certified for use in SIL 2 applications (IEC 61508)
• Power factor correction with low harmonic distortion; negligibly low inrush current
• High immunity to transients and surges; and low electromagnetic emissions.
• Input over- and undervoltage lock-out and thermal protection
• Output overvoltage protection by a second control loop to ensure safe operation of the final system.
• All outputs are electrically isolated SELV1 circuits with low output noise.
• Proof against no-load, overload and short-circuits.
• Can operate at full load up to an ambient temperature of 70ºC in free air.

热卖型号:8913-PS-AC 用于FB-8800安全逻辑求解器

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