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G122-829 P-I伺服放大器用于需要比例和/或积分放大器的闭环应用。放大器内部的选择开关使能比例,积分或两者都可选择。放大器的许多方面的特性可以通过内部开关来选择。这使得一个放大器可以用于许多不同的应用。所提供的配置选项是多年设计和调试闭环系统经验的结果。


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G122-829 P-I伺服放大器用于需要比例和/或积分放大器的闭环应用。放大器内部的选择开关使能比例,积分或两者都可选择。放大器的许多方面的特性可以通过内部开关来选择。这使得一个放大器可以用于许多不同的应用。所提供的配置选项是多年设计和调试闭环系统经验的结果。伺服放大器采用模拟电子学。它接受三个输入信号,两个单端和一个差分。



The G122-829 P-I servo amplifier is used in closed-loop applications where proportional and/or integral amplifiers are required. A selection switch inside the amplifier enables the choice of ratio, integration, or both. Many aspects of the amplifier’s characteristics can be selected by internal switching. This allows one amplifier to be used for many different applications. The configuration options provided are the result of many years of experience designing and debugging closed-loop systems. Servo amplifiers use analog electronics. It accepts three input signals, two single-ended and one differential.

These are added up to produce an error signal, which is then scaled up and integrated. The proportional and integral signals are switched together and used as current or voltage outputs to drive the servo valve.
The front panel is decorated with POTS, LED indicators and test points allowing for quick and easy setup and helping with troubleshooting. The servo amplifier is housed in a compact DIN rail mounting housing and requires a +24V power supply.