ILX56-MM 模块 用于工业通信的消息管理器

Prosoft ILX56-MM是一款用于工业通信的消息管理器。开发该管理器是为了严格用于支持ControlLogix平台的设备。ILX56-MM消息管理器为Allen-Bradley的ControlLogix I/O兼容处理器提供服务,以便与其他消息管理器协议兼容模块轻松交换数据。

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制造商 罗克韦尔自动化
品牌 艾伦-布拉德利
零件号/目录号 ILX56毫米
产品类型 工业通信信息管理器
机架类型 本地或远程


Prosoft ILX56-MM是一款用于工业通信的消息管理器。开发该管理器是为了严格用于支持ControlLogix平台的设备。ILX56-MM消息管理器为Allen-Bradley的ControlLogix I/O兼容处理器提供服务,以便与其他消息管理器协议兼容模块轻松交换数据。该模块由5伏DC供电,工作时可消耗高达1安培的电流。Prosoft ILX56-MM使用模块上的两个以太网端口在不同系统之间建立数据传输消息。该设备旨在连接罗克韦尔自动化系统和西门子或施耐德电气等其他制造商的系统。

该模块可以与ControlLogix PAC安装在同一个机箱中,因此它可以直接通过背板传输数据。这种跨ControlLogix系统进行通信的选项使得该消息管理器能够轻松地“桥接”某些Rockwell Automation通信模块和协议。ILX56-MM在模块背面有一个跳线,用于设置目的。该跳线标有J1。当您将此跳线设置在所需位置时,您可以继续安装并将ILX56-MM消息管理器插入ControlLogix机箱。此模块支持热插拔,因此您可以在接通机箱电源的情况下插入或移除它。


The Prosoft ILX56-MM is a Message Manager for Industrial Communication. This manager is developed to be used strictly with devices that can support the ControlLogix Platform. The ILX56-MM message manager serves Allen-Bradley’s ControlLogix I/O compatible processors to exchange data easily with other message manager protocol compatible modules. This module is supplied with 5 Volts DC, and it can take up to 1 Amp of current during its work. The Prosoft ILX56-MM uses the two Ethernet ports on the module to establish data transfer messages between diverse systems. This device is intended to be a link between Rockwell Automation system and the system of another manufacturer, like Siemens or Schneider Electric.

This module can be installed in the same chassis with the ControlLogix PAC, and thus it can transfer data directly across the backplane. This option of communicating across the ControlLogix system makes it easy for this message manager to do the “bridging” of certain Rockwell Automation communications modules and protocols. The ILX56-MM has one jumper located on the back of the module for setup purposes. This jumper is designated with J1. When you set this jumper in the desired position, you can continue with the installation and insert the ILX56-MM message manager into the ControlLogix chassis. This module supports hot-swapping, so you can insert it or remove it while chassis power is applied.