IS220PHRAH1A 涡轮机专用I/O模块

IS220PPROH1A是一个涡轮机专用I/O模块。它旨在为特定的涡轮机现场设备提供直接接口。这种设置消除或减少了以前连接现场设备所需的大量仪器,还提高了运行可靠性并减少了长期维护。IS220PPROH1A通常与TREAH_A端子板配合使用,用于航改式涡轮机紧急跳闸应用。该组件可以连接到屏障型或箱式接线板。IS220PPROH1A具有电压检测的现场布线限制,将电缆长度限制为1000英尺的18 AWG布线。需要注意的是,在将BPPB P包与BPPC P包交换时,IS220PPROH1A不能自动重新配置。


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详情介绍:IS220PHRAH1A 涡轮机专用I/O模块


IS220PPROH1A是一个涡轮机专用I/O模块。它旨在为特定的涡轮机现场设备提供直接接口。这种设置消除或减少了以前连接现场设备所需的大量仪器,还提高了运行可靠性并减少了长期维护。IS220PPROH1A通常与TREAH_A端子板配合使用,用于航改式涡轮机紧急跳闸应用。该组件可以连接到屏障型或箱式接线板。IS220PPROH1A具有电压检测的现场布线限制,将电缆长度限制为1000英尺的18 AWG布线。需要注意的是,在将BPPB P包与BPPC P包交换时,IS220PPROH1A不能自动重新配置。

IS220PPROH1A的前面板标有部件id号和几个LED指示灯。这些成对放置在前面板上。第一对标记为PWR/ATTN,第二对标记为链路/TxRx和ENET 1,第三对标记为链路/TxRx和ENET2。最后一个部件位于面板的底部;这是红外端口。




Product Description

The IS220PPROH1A is a Turbine specific I/O module.  It is designed to provide a direct interface to specific turbine field devices.  This setup eliminates or reduces much of the previously needed instrumentation needed to make the connection to field devices, and also improves running reliability and reduces long term maintenance.   The IS220PPROH1A typically works with the TREAH_A terminal board and is used in Aeroderivative Turbine Emergency trip applications. The component can connect to either barrier or box type terminal blocks.  The IS220PPROH1A has field wiring restrictions for voltage sensing that limits cable length to 1,000 feet of 18 AWG wiring. It is important to note the IS220PPROH1A cannot be auto-reconfigured when swapping a BPPB P-Pack with a BPPC P-Pack.  

The  IS220PPROH1A is built with a front faceplate that is marked with the component id number and several LED indicators.  These are placed on the front faceplate in pairs. The first pair is labeled PWR/ATTN, the second LINK/TxRx and ENET 1, and the third LINK/TxRx and ENET2.  A final component is located at the bottom of the faceplate; this is labeled IR Port.

The  IS220PPROH1A  accepts three speed signals.  This includes deceleration, acceleration, and overspeed.   The component also has hardware implemented overspeed. The pack monitors the status and operation of selected trip boards through a set of comprehensive feedback signals.   The pack supports TMR and simplex back up protection.

The  IS220PPROH1A  is built with a high speed processor and two fully independent 10/100 Ethernet ports.  The pack has a hardware reset circuit and watchdog timer. Temperature is monitored by an internal sensor.

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