UNITROL1010 3BHE035301R0001 UNS0121A-Z.V1 用于数字和模拟I/O的插入式终端块




最小的停机和调试时间:非常灵活和强大的UNITROL 1010和UNITROL 1020是更换的最佳产品,其中电气接口和SW完全向后兼容。


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UNITROL1010 3BHE035301R0001 UNS0121A-Z.V1 用于数字和模拟I/O的插入式终端块特点:




最小的停机和调试时间:非常灵活和强大的UNITROL 1010和UNITROL 1020是更换的最佳产品,其中电气接口和SW完全向后兼容。



UNITROL®1020/ UNITROL®1010功能

•紧凑和强大的AVR励磁电流高达20 A
•人机界面,HMI(型号为UNITROL 1020)


电子设备的预期寿命比工厂电气和机械设备短,将您的UNITROL®1000-7/UNITROL 1000-15升级到UNITROL®1020/ UNITROL®1010将使您宝贵的生产资产安全并处于最高可用性水平。

UNITROL 1010 3BHE035301R0001

The UNITROL® 1000-7 and UNITROL® 1000-15 entered the limited phase of its life cycle in 2019. In this phase, ABB’s services and support are limited to the availability of key components and migration planning to the latest technology is recommended.

Upgrade benefits

• Long-term availability of parts, by considering a replacement, users can capitalize on the features of a product still in its active phase, thereby eliminating any risks associated with equipment entering the obsolete stage.
• Minimum shutdown and commissioning time: the extremely flexible and powerful UNITROL 1010 and UNITROL 1020 are the optimal products for replacement, where electrical interface and SW is fully backwards compatible.
• Long-term availability of engineering and support competences, including 24/7 telephone support.

Wide range of applications

• Land-based power plants based on diesel or gas engines, gas or steam turbines and hydro turbines.
• Marine: electrical propulsion and auxiliary supply.
• Traction: diesel electric locomotives.
• Wind: based on direct connected
• Synchronous machines.
• Synchronous motors.
• Variable speed application.

UNITROL® 1020/ UNITROL® 1010 features

• Compact and robust AVR for excitation current up to 20 A
• Plug-in type terminal blocks for digital and analog I/O’s
• Equipped with industrial USB
• Ethernet, CAN and RS485 ports
• Human Machine Interface, HMI (model UNITROL 1020)
• Certified AVR according to German grid code including verified simulation models

Upgrade today

Electronic devices have a shorter life expectancy than plant electrical and mechanical equipment, upgrading you UNITROL® 1000-7/UNITROL 1000-15 to UNITROL® 1020/ UNITROL® 1010 will keep your valuable production assets safe and at the highest levels of availability.
In order to know which model of the UNITROL® 1000 family is best suited for your application, simply check the table below.

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